Convection Reflow and Wave Solder Equipment

Having been established in 1990, TSM began manufacturing reflow machines from 1998 along with automatic soldering machines. The company has always regarded its basic marketing concept to be customer satisfaction.

With an annual turnover of more than 18 Billion Won (approx  $15 Million) and with a production capacity of  80 machines per month, TSM have become a recognised name in the global supply of reflow, wave solder and nitrogen generation systems.

Some major corporate customers include such prestigious names as Samsung (with over 400 machines), LG (with over 150) and over 2,300 machines installed in other manufacturing companies.
Please contact us for further details on the TSM range of equipment.

A70 series - Air
N70 Series - Nitrogen

A70 Series A70-i71 A70-j82s A70-j92 N70-i82 N70-i92
Heating Zones – Top 7 8 9 8 9
Heating Zones- Bottom 7 8 9 8 9
Cooling Zones 1 2 2 2 2
Heated Length 2m 2.2m 2.9m 2.67m 2.98m
Conveyor Speed 0.3 – 1.6m/min
Conveyor Types Chain and anti warp support; mesh option
Repeatability ±1ºC
Setup Time 30 – 40 mins
Profile Change time 15 – 30 mins
PCB count Yes
Profiler Option
PCB size 50 – 410mm
High Quality Reflow Systems
7 – 15 zones available
Air or Nitrogen (optional)

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PCB Size 50 -350mm
Max device height 150mm above PCB
Fluxer Foam Fluxer, Spary optional
Heating Air Convection using plate heater
Heated Length 1.6m
Solder Nozzle 2 nozzles (TSM Patent)
  Turbulent Distribution Chip Nozzle
Solder Capacity 400kg
Heater Capacity 14.4KW
Wave Height Max 10mm
Finger Cleaner Fixed Brush / IPA solvent
Power 3 Phase, 35KW
Rail Drive 2 - 5º
Rail Width Control Motor Driven
  15 – 30 mins
PCB count Yes
Profiler Option
PCB size 50 – 410mm
High Quality  Wave Solder  Systems
PCB or Pallet  Compatible
Nitrogen Option
Spray Fluxer Option

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