Why Choose Blakell Europlacer Distribution for your SMT equipment ?

By manufacturing and supplying SMT equipment, we have established a huge installed base in the UK; indeed, some of our customers date back to the 1960s!

To augment our Placement and Printing systems, and to deliver full line solutions to our UK customers, we chose to add a full range of carefully-selected SMT equipment to our portfolio in 2010. This range now includes PCB Handling & Support Tooling, Solder Paste inspection, 3D AOI, Reflow Ovens & Reflow Profilers, X-ray inspection, HD Manual Inspection and BGA Repair.


  • We have used Europlacer products for over 15 years and have been impressed by the company’s service record and its machine performance. The iineo fitted the profile of what we do; it’s very flexible to set up and we felt it was the right machine to help us achieve our expansion goals, together with the Speedprint stencil printer and TSM oven, this line forms the backbone of our business.

    Russell Magee, Managing Director, Norcott Electronic Design and Manufacturing

Our SMT Products

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