We have a superb installed base of happy Europlacer and Speedprint customers within the UK, and over the past number of years are delighted that we have added to these numbers with our other ‘line’ equipment, from AOI through to Reflow, XRAY, PCB handling and manual inspection. The primary reasons for this success have been through carefully selecting our product line up and our excellent field service support. Andy Jones, UK General Sales Manager

Our People

  • Pierre Chatain

    Pierre Chatain Product Manager

  • David Peacefull-Day Customer support engineer

  • Nicolas Pogu

    Nicolas Pogu Project Engineer

  • David Fenton

    David Fenton Group Customer Support Manager

  • Jean-Michel Cartron

    Jean-Michel Cartron Customer Support Manager

  • Chris Merow

    Chris Merow North American Sales Manager

  • Derek Williams

    Derek Williams UK Quality Manager

  • Jean-Yves Pichaud

    Jean-Yves Pichaud Manufacturing Technician