About Kingfield Electronics:

Kingfield Electronics, based in Chesterfield, Derbyshire, are a specialised manufacturer who provide solutions to customers looking for a one stop shop approach and their services include:

Total manufacturing solutions from design through to end user product delivery.

Core competence in providing fully turnkey manufacturing solutions encompassing full product assembly.

Extensive experience in high reliability applications including aerospace, defence and instrumentation.


nick taylor from Kingfield ElectronicsHaving seen excellent growth in their business, Nick Taylor (MD) could see that there was going to be a constraint in Kingfield’s location “our business has grown steadily with the addition of new customers and through the expansion of our current client base, to the point where our infrastructure in terms of factory space and equipment was becoming a restriction to our growth plans”.


So a decision was taken to look into a new manufacturing facility and to augment the SMT manufacturing equipment set. After some extensive research into modification of the existing factory, the decision was made to move into a new building with ….thousand square feet.


KH-SMTThe new building allowed for all of Kingfield’s employees to be housed within the one location, and with the entire manufacturing floor being coated with special antistatic flooring, it was time to find the new SMT line.


After deciding on some key requirements for the new line, Dave Bailey (Operations Director) and Nick Taylor charged Darren Dooley (Manufacturing Engineer) with the task of assessing the market and drawing up a short list of potential suppliers.


How they use the technology:

Dave Bailey from Kingfield Electronics“Part of our philosophy is to supply turnkey solutions to our end users” states Dave Bailey “and we decided that this approach might work for us in searching for a partner for this SMT project”. Darren Dooley whittled the list down quite quickly to Blakell Europlacer who were one of the only UK suppliers of SMT equipment who could provide the entire solution.


“Blakell Europlacer could quite literally handle our requirements from A-Z. They are a manufacturer of both SMT placement machines and Stencil Printers, and have the engineering resource to be able to integrate the entire line from board loader, through to reflow, AOI and board unloader”, commented Darren “and having just one supplier for the whole line makes it easier for service, discussions about process and of course for negotiation when buying everything together!”.


Now that the installation is complete and the equipment has been running for a while, Kingfield have had a chance to review its performance “we have been very pleased with the installation of the Blakell Europlacer line. The attention to detail before, during and after the installation has been superb. The results we have been getting are excellent both in terms of speed of setup and quality of production. Indeed our operators will always try to run our production through the new line in preference to the older equipment!” said Dave Bailey.


kingfieldThe equipment installed for the new SMT line totalled more than £500k and represented a significant investment for Kingfield to take them to the next level and to satisfy current and future requirements. The equipment comprises Speedprint SP710AVi, Europlacer iineo II, TSM Reflow oven, Aleader AOI system and Eunil PCB handling units.


Nick Taylor concludes “We have made a very large investment in factory space, equipment and personnel. This takes Kingfield forward and sets us up for the coming years. We have already filled the factory space, but there is still room to expand, and if business continues to grow the way we expect, we may need to buy another Europlacer line, but don’t tell them I said so!”.

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